The Way Of The Now!

The future has arrived, and it fits right in your pocket.
Today, Mobile Sites and Mobile Marketing is no longer an option, it’s downright a necessity…

Consumers want to do more and more on their phone. Providing spot-on relevant, just-in-time messaging and engaging in conversations with the customer is now more important than ever before.

The future has arrived, and it fits right in your pocket. In the last 12 months alone, mobile searches have QUADRUPLED, and roughly 1 in 3 mobile searches is LOCAL. If your business hasn’t developed a mobile marketing strategy, Now, is the time to start.

Today, more than 40% of mobile searches are for local businesses. If you have a physical location you’re trying to drive traffic to, you need to optimize your online presence for local searches, since people searching on mobile tend to be ready to take action.

With nearly two-thirds of Americans being smartphone owners and for many these devices are a key entry point to the online world, having a mobile-friendly site should top your list. What’s more, Google launched an update in April 2015 referred to as “MobileGeddon,” by SearchEngineLand.com which ranks mobile-friendly sites high in mobile searches and websites failing to perform well on mobile devices might effectively disappear from most mobile search results.

Features that makes Mobile Marketing effective, valuable and result oriented are as follows:


Mobile Site Features

The Way Of The Now!

Most of us utilize mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Android, and HTML5. Mobile marketing is the way of the now, for instant content availability.

Seeking The Latest Marketing Trend

Seeking and keeping up with the latest and most efficient marketing tools can be challenging in a rapidly developing eMarketing industry, but finding the latest and most effective trends will add notable credibility to your business.

There is a smartphone in the hand of nearly two-thirds of mobile phone users, giving us unprecedented opportunities in marketing and brand establishment.

Positioning For A Mobile Presence

In a mobile environment, your customers can quickly navigate and absorb information offered to them in the palm of their hand.

Fifty percent of local searches are done on mobile devices. One in three total searches are local. Information is sought by the consumer while they’re in the moment. Mobile Websites provide instant results with access that is clean, fresh, and easily navigable. The consumer satisfies their search, quickly absorbing product information provided through your company mobile Website.

Mobile Site Features

Build Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty pays off — just ask Amazon.com. Most marketers are bringing these efforts to mobile. Loyalty efforts were the most popular type of mobile campaigns, used by 37% of respondents.

Loyalty campaigns paid off, too, ranking No. 1 in mobile marketing effectiveness. With this in mind, Salesforce pointed out that marketers who haven’t launched loyalty programs yet should consider optimizing them for mobile. Consumers love their deals, and mobile-exclusive offers landed in second for effectiveness.

Know Your Customer

Your business was built on the knowledge of your product, and your business will be sustained by your knowledge of who your customer is, and what they want. Customer satisfaction pushes profits upward.

Having a mobile site gives your customers the opportunity to communicate, leave feedback, and share photos quickly, and in the moment. They don’t have to wait to get home to their computer. They take care of business in the now.

Instant Access, Instant Response

Mobile site access puts your company in the hands of your customers where they are. The lag time between need for information and accessibility to a computer no longer exists.

Build customer loyalty and give them the desire to utilize this marketing tool as you offer your latest specials and discounts to customers and prospects who access your mobile site. Your customer is happy, our economy thrives, and your profits grow.

Mobile Site Features

Everything In The Palm Of Your Hand

Your mobile site can be filled with everything you need to provide your customer with information about your business including an events calendar, product photos, your company Website link, and even a blog link, and you benefit from the invaluable sharing capabilities of social networking.

Your mobile site can also make it simple for customers to contact you by providing one touch calling, email contact, and even GPS directions to your door.

Go Viral

We are in an era of social media, enjoying the benefit of utilizing the sharing capabilities of Facebook, Twitter, blogs, SMS, Email, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. Your customers can quickly share your products and time-sensitive information while generating interest and hits to your site.

Tracking & Analytics

Our structured approach to tracking & analytics provides your core business benefits and will help justify your Mobile Marketing investment.

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