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Mobile Responsive Websites

More than 95% of consumers research online before they call or come in. Your site will either convince them that you’re exactly what they’re looking for, or they’ll decide you aren’t. Responsive Websites have fluid layout that’s aesthetically pleasing and adapts to a wide range of devices. The result is an optimal viewing experience for smartphones, tablets & desktops.

The Benefits of Responsive Websites are:

  • Seamless User Experience
  • Increases Mobile Sales
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Improves SEO

Mobile Optimized Website

Generally, when a person is going to view a website on their smartphone, they are looking for something specific: Perhaps a phone number, an address, a specific product, a special offer, or a quick overview of the company.

By default, a mobile website is an alternate version of the same website that is optimized for use on smartphones with more graphical and easy to “touch” buttons such as:

  • Tap to Call
  • Tap to Text
  • Tap to Google Map
  • Tap to Email

NFC Marketing

NFC is the next big thing in local marketing because of the effortless exchange of digital information combined with the broad range of NFC applications. With the tap of a smartphone on your NFC tag, your customer will instantly engage with your business via your mobile website, social media or promotional landing page.

NFC Marketing is used for:

  • Tap For Facebook Like
  • Tap For SMS Opt-in
  • Tap For Coupons
  • Tap To Dial Number

SMS Marketing

SMS or Texting is a great medium for businesses to engage potential customers and retain existing ones. One thing’s for sure, SMS is a must have for a successful overall mobile marketing effort as it acts as a campaign driver.

Our advanced suite of SMS marketing tools will provide you with cutting edge SMS campaigns such as text2win, subscriber lists and auto responders, SMS broadcasts, SMS coupons and much more.

SMS campaigns are great for:

  • Sending special offers
  • Scheduling & reminders
  • Getting customer feedback
  • Opt-in lead generation

Wi-Fi Marketing

Access to Free Wi-Fi will influence your customers’ buying decision more and more each day! You can generate leads on autopilot with our unique Social-Powered Wi-Fi Markting solution strategy.

Wi-Fi Marketing has many benefits like:

  • Auto Lead Generation
  • Social Media Connect
  • In-store promotions & offers
  • Influence buying decision

QR Code Marketing

QR code stands for “Quick Response”code; it’s a 2-dimensional barcode that can store web addresses and many other information. QR Codes give your print ads a digital dimension and can take your business to the next level using state of the art capabilities. From lead generation to mobile coupons; QR codes will complete your marketing strategy.

QR Codes can be used for:

  • Visiting your Website
  • Make a Phone Call
  • Claim Digital Coupons
  • Opt-in for SMS offers

Mobile Wallet Loyalty

The Mobile Wallet is a digital wallet that is stored on a customer’s smartphone and is a proven sales system that includes your Loyalty Rewards program, Mobile Coupons, Proximity Marketing and Push Notifications.

With this cutting edge Loyalty system, we will help you increase in-store foot traffic, bottom line revenue and customer loyalty.

Here’s some of the benefits of this program:

  • Boost Sales
  • Increase Foot Traffic
  • Increase Customer Loyalty
  • Incourage repeat business

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO means “mobile search engine optimization”. Even if you already have a mobile site, it may not be recognized as mobile by Google and this can affect how your pages are ranked.
Since April 21st 2015 Google has been using mobile friendliness as a stronger ranking factor that “significantly” affects rankings worldwide.

A site is mobile friendly when it:

  • Presents content well on a phone
  • Does not need pinching / zooming
  • Is easy to navigate with a finger
  • Has “Tap-to” features

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