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Mobile SEO means “mobile search engine optimization”. Even if you already have a mobile site, it may not be recognized as mobile by Google and this can affect how your pages are ranked.

The market for Smartphones is growing rapidly and research shows that up to 56% of “on the go” or mobile searches have local intent. Essentially, when people are looking for a business or product, they are interested in results that are local to them.

Mobile searchers are commonly looking for the exact location of a particular business, their hours of operation, and their price and availability of a product.

Google’s algorithms have grown to understand the needs of mobile searchers and rewards sites that have the most current and relevant information optimized across devices.

Why Mobile SEO

Mobile Search is much different than conducting searches on a desktop. Not only is user behavior different (as voice recognition often becomes preferred over typing), but geo-location and social signals often produce different results than on a computer.

Wi-Fi MarketingOur unique Mobile SEO services are comprehensive, covering content strategies, website configuration, optimization techniques, social strategies, location targeting and more. With mobile, your audiences are often looking to take immediate action, and we develop plans to connect with your users at the precise times they will be seeking your products, services or solutions.

It’s A Must

If your business has any local elements, it’s important to leverage these search habits and optimize your site accordingly. Our mobile website SEO experts optimize your mobile site for local search queries. We understand the intent of your audience and what they are expecting to find when searching for your products or services and use this information to choose better keywords and include the correct information in your metadata and content.

The end goal is for your target consumer to clearly see your listing on their mobile device when they search for a particular product or service that you offer.

Percentage of Searches That Resulted in A Local Purchase


PC / Laptop


Mobile Phone



How does it Work?

At Envision Mobile Marketing, we put to use a number of resources and tools to provide mobile optimization services, including:

Keyword Research

One of the primary reasons for doing mobile keyword research is that you could be missing out on keywords that your audience uses on mobile that they don’t use on desktop. We understand mobile searchers and have developed specific techniques and tools that can be used to find keywords and concepts that mobile searchers use.

Mobile-Optimized Web Design

The first and most important step to mobile optimization is ensuring that your web presence is clearly viewable from a mobile device. Without a mobile-friendly website, mobile optimization efforts are pointless. Before we get your placement to the top of the mobile search results, we make sure your site renders clean from a mobile device.

Link Building

Building back links to your mobile website has a huge impact on mobile SEO performance. As part of our link building services, we design mobile-focused linking strategies to drive top mobile search engine rankings.

Content Optimization

Reeling in traffic from external sources is key aspect to mobile optimization and increasing the popularity of your mobile website. Our SEO experts put forth ongoing content marketing efforts to build the credibility and trust of your online brand.

Social Signals

We create social signals from places like Facebook and Twitter that correlate with better positioning your Mobile Websites in most search engines and plays a major role into Google search algorithm.

Directory Listings

Your customers are now relying on local and mobile search engines and directories to find and visit businesses nearby. Our experts puts your business on the map and Optimize your presence on over 100 local directories including Yelp, CitySearch, Yahoo, FourSquare and monitor reviews and ratings on review sites.

Sitemap Creation

As in organic SEO, creating and submitting mobile sitemaps to the search engines is critical. Our experts will make sure that this critical step is checked-off the list during the mobile SEO process.

And many more...

Our team of highly experienced SEO experts formulates techniques and method that best suits your business including Analytics, Robot.txt file creation, Descriptive Page Titles and more.

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Unlike the traditional desktop PC, the mobile user prefers brief and focused content, given the small size of the mobile screens. And although Mobile SEO services may not be so different from traditional organic SEO, the executions demand a unique twist to how they are implemented.

We work with our clients to ensure content efficacy, configure your site for multiple devices, help search engines understand your configuration, and avoid common mistakes along the way. This is an integral part of our Mobile SEO best practices. If you have a mobile optimized or responsive website, then having Mobile-Specific SEO Services is a must? Give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to sit with you and discuss your options.

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