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With the recent Mobile changes in Google it has never been more important to have a mobile-optimized website. Since April 21, 2015 Google is penalizing websites that are not “Mobile-Friendly”, which means that if your website does not carry a “Mobile-Friendly” label your website will not be easily found when a customer does a search for your business on their mobile device.

Most mobile devices have small screens with limited screen resolution which makes it hard to navigate. Having a mobile version of your website would solve this problem by using a different layout made specifically for mobile devices such as smartphones.

Generally, when a person is going to view a website on their smartphone, they are looking for something specific: Perhaps a phone number, an address, a specific product, a special offer, or a quick overview of the company.

By default, a mobile version of a website is an alternate version of the same website that is optimized for use on smartphones or similar mobile devices with more graphical and easy to “touch” buttons and a simpler navigation with fewer options. Having just the important content available and easily accessible on the mobile site can improve the quality of the user’s experience.

For websites that require more tailored mobile functionality, we recommend building a dedicated mobile website. With this approach, we address mobile specific challenges such as navigation, data entry, visibility, and load time to create a seamless experience for mobile users.

If you expect your users to buy products, access profiles, or fill in detailed forms, then building a dedicated mobile version is the right solution for you.

General Features

You mobile website should come with many built-in, custom features that should be developed specifically for your business.

Envision Mobile Marketing specializes in providing such custom features. We have the ability to include any type of content on several pages, and we will work with you to provide a stunning mobile website that will effectively promote your brand to a mobile audience.

Maintain Your Brand

Use your existing logo, header and background.

Content Managed

Update your content in real-time. Easy as using Facebook.

Mobile Compatible

Guaranteed to work on smartphones and mobile devices anywhere in the world.

Full Analytics

We track your performance with complete analytics and reporting through Google Analytics.

Mobile Optimization

We can build a premium mobile site for you while you keep your existing site!

Keep Your Domain

We will link your mobile site as m.yoursite.com to your existing site.

Search Engines

We will rank your business in Google when people search on their mobile devices.

Unlimited Possiblities

We will work with you to give you a custom solution which effectively promotes your brand

Mobile friendly forms

Customize your mobile forms using our drag-and-drop builder, and integrate with your favorite auto-responder service to generate more leads.


Customize your mobile forms using our drag-and-drop builder, and integrate with your favorite auto-responder service to generate more leads.


Never have to stop for directions. Simply tap on the location’s integrated Google map to quickly find the business right on your smartphone.

Locations with GPS locator

Great option for franchises and business with multiple locations. List all of your locations on your mobile website and find the closest location nearest you.

Social Sharing

Allow users to easily share your mobile content on Facebook, Twitter or via email. Increase traffic to your mobile website by tapping into the power of social networking.

Design & Speed

Mobile websites are designed for easy navigation and on the run and images and other media are specifically optimized for a mobile device and fast loading time.

Mobile Navigation

Custom Layout

We organize your content in simple mobile-user-friendly “easy-to-tap” menus & sub-menus.

Manage Content

We’ll seamlessly convert the most essential parts of your current website to a new mobile friendly website.

Special Events

We will create a mobile-friendly event calendar to schedule in & share your Special Events with your Customers and keep them up-to-date.

Mobile Compatible

We’ll create beautiful ‘Mobile -Friendly’ menus that properly display on smaller screens.

1-Click Phone Calls

Allow customers to call your business by simply pressing a button. Track all calls made through your site.

Promotions and Coupons

Instantly release coupons, daily specials, exclusive offers, customer loyalty rewards and promotions directly through your mobile site!

Photo Albums

Upload and share photos of your company successes and special events with your customers.

Mobile Contact Page

We’ll include a user-friendly contact page for your customers to reach out and give you valuable feedback.


For companies with multiple locations we offer a “Find Near Me” GPS radius search, which will connect customers to your closest location.

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